PSD system implementation separates platform and track components by installing fixed and automatic doors at the platform stage, providing passenger safety and comfortable platform environment, and energy saving features.

PSD System Composition & Type

01. Control System
  • Securing technology through self-development of core technology
  • Various interface implementation according to various signal systems (ATC/ATS/ATO)
  • PSD integrated control system technology and performance
  • Belt & screw type
  • Safety Integrity Level(SIL3) acquired
02. Structure
  • Improving construction method through modular / semi-modular design
  • Improving durability of parts and localization of the entire quantity
03. Onboard PSD RF System
  • Obtaining multi train solutions such as resistance control and VVVF electric trains
  • Seoul Metro, Daegu Subway, KORAIL, and overseas (Malaysia and Indonesia) onboard and ground RF

Product Information

Full Height
  • Completely sealed from platform floor to ceiling
  • Safety improved
  • Noise reduced
  • Air quality improved
Semi-full Height
  • Blocked from platform floor to certain height (ceiling opened)
  • Lower installation cost than Full Height
Half Height
  • PSD height from platform floor: 1.2m-1.7m
  • Lower cost than Full Height
  • Easy to install
  • Securing Openness