Screen Door

The only system that can support various train models (2-door, 3-door, and 4-door type) Platform safety device of a new concept, beyond the existing platform safety device, that can be operated flexibly without being affected by stopping position and range
  • 01. Minimized floor construction to shorten installation time & installation/maintenance cost reduction
  • 02. A system that opens up and closes down the safety door installed with 2 or more ropes using a lift at each end
  • 03. Flexible operation without able being affected by stopping position and range
  • 04. Exterior design available to fit characteristics of stations
  • 05. Flexible RSD module configuration considering platform and car conditions (5m, 10m, 20m, 60m, 80m, 200m, etc.)

RPSD Configuration

1.Car Unit
e.g.: 1 unit per car
(6 cars trainset)
2.Car Unit
e.g.: 1 unit per 2 cars
(6 cars trainset)
Trainset Unit
e.g.: 1 unit per trainset
(6 cars trainset)

RPSD Construction Records

Munyang Station, Daegu, Korea

Sweden & Japan

Nonsan Station, Korea