PSD Operating Equipment

No Equipment Function
1 Power Connection Terminal Box In/out of drive unit communication, failure, power I/O terminal and power on/off
2 Pulley Connection drive motor to belt, transfer power to timing belt
3 Drive Belt Convert the motor's rotational force to a linear motion
4 Belt Clamp Connection timing belt to door hanger
5 Drive Motor Offer the power for door operation, Localization development
6 Obstacle Sensor Using infrared and laser sensors as the detection of objects and passengers between the screen door and the train
7 Laser Scanner
8 Door Stopper Prevent hanger rail out of range on doors
9 Hanger Rail Supports smooth straight movement of door hanger
10 Door hanger Transfer linear motion to sliding door
11 Locking Device Prevention of natural and artificial opening of doors
12 Open/Close Sensor Detect the door open/close status
13 DCU(Door Control Unit) Top interface, motor control, sensor sensing